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Local Dial-In Phone


The video stream was perfect. We are streaming to brothers unable to attend. Thanks JN

"I have listened to my kingdom hall over the internet when I was sick. It was easy to hear and clear as if I was there. Thanks" ~ P.M.

"I have been sick, nice of the brothers to do this." B.C.

Many thanks, the brothers are really starting to appreciate it now - using it during the assembly weekend for sick. ~ MC

About Us


The goal is simply to assist congregations to utilize the latest technology to help those with special needs or unavoidable circumstances to connect to their congregation meetings. Using this technology and for less than half the cost of one telephone line, a congregation can allow several users (scaleable to unlimited) to simultaneously watch or listen to their meetings. If your congregation has outgrown its telephone conferencing system, wants to save money, or has any other streaming need, you are welcome to try out this service.

Live Kingdom Hall streaming provides the highest quality and best remote experience available - at the least possible cost. Live Kingdom Hall can also be used to broadcast a remote Assembly to a local Kingdom Hall or Special Talk from one location to another. This streaming technology is compatible with PC's, Apple and Android phones, tablets, and smart phones. A recent user shared:

Thanks so very much for allowing us access to stream the assembly and even a few meetings. It was wonderful to hear the program today although it made me cry it was tears of missing everyone there but also appreciating how wonderfully Jehovah provided a way for us to be there and be encouraged. Please thank anyone who helped make this possible! Give our greetings to everyone!

What is required?

  • An internet connection such as dsl or broadband at your Kingdom Hall.
  • A pc/laptop that is connected to the Kingdom Hall microphone sound equipment console OR a Barix Instreamer (stand alone solution requires no pc).
  • Free encoder software that we help you set-up.
  • Create an account at www.livekingdomhall.com/signup

We have free trials available if you would like to fully test the streaming and phone service with your Kingdom Hall. Please enter your congregation's name, location and meeting times as displayed at www.jw.org using this link. If you wish to volunteer to help us translate this site to other languages, please let us know.